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Gas Engines


Ron's Model & Woodworks is an authorised distributor, exlusively for DLA Engiens, in the USA. We guarantee the lowest prices on-line  in the USA! We also provide warranty and out of warranty service for DLA.

We bring the latest DLA Engine model to the USA Market! We now offer the In-Line DLA-64i2 Twin. Watch our site for the latest, DLA-232 Four Cylindar Engine, coming to the USA soon!

Much effort has gone into research, testing and working with the manufacturer on all problems that have surfaced since the arrival of the DLA Engine in the USA. We at Ron's Model & Woodworks have been at the forefront with the manufacturer, working closely with their engineers and technicians to bring a reliable product to market for the hobbiest. Each customer who brings their DLA Engine to us for service is assured their concerns are documented and relayed to the manufacturer. Results of our relationship brought about improvements to lubrication of the connecting rod, selection of higher quality bearings, and overall quality of engine design.

We are an authorized dealer and service center, representing Xi'an Feiao Model Co., Ltd  (DLA Engines) to bring the customer the very best price, quality in workmanship, and reliability. Buying from us will assure the customer will be receiving personal attention, the latest in design and materials, and factory support. Don't be missguided by other dealers claiming to be DLA distributors for the USA. There are other retailers who sell DLA engines. Ron's Model & Woodworks offer the best on-line prcing, always!

We carefully inspect and test run every engine before it is shipped out. Please read the product review on the DLA-64. Photos and discriptions are self-evident, illustrating the level of craftmanship that goes into each engine!

We can offer lower prices simply due to our low overhead and personal service to our customers.

"Top Performance - DLA Engines"

In cooperation with the manufacturer, we have gone through and edited the owner's manual for the DLA-64 so that it may be easier to read and understand. If you have any questions about the DLA-64 or the latest DLA-128 4-cylinder engine or the entire DLA Engine line, please don't hesitate to contact us!


DLA Engiens now offer significant improvements in the Crankshaft, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, spark plug options, and carburetors. Current prices are shown below. Call or email for answers to questions you may have.

Accessories are being added for the DLA Engine line. Be sure to check the "Accessories" page!

DLA Engine Line

Select Engine Size

A note about the options of straight and slanted plugs, now offered on DLA Engiens:

Xi'an Feiao Model Co., Ltd recognised the need for slanted plugs on large scale, multi-cylinder engines (not available on in-line twins). This realization began early when the cylinders were being cast with the added material where the machining would eventually mill and tap the slanted plug "hole". The day arrived when the tooling was established and set-up for production. Each multi-cylinder is now configured with two options for the modeler. This is a big advantage over other manufacturers. Where a slanted plug is needed, the engine can be modified as easily as changing spark plugs; The plug is removed from the "slanted" position, and swapped with the threaded "plug" that was in place of the "straight" position.

With the exception of in-line twin engines, all new, multi-cylender, engines are made with two spark plug holes, one with a plug that can be removed and installed in either the slanted or straight position, resulting in a desired configuration to accommodate the design needs of the cowling or other needs of the modeler.

DLA-64 Twin

DLA-64 Twin

Click on image to download Owner's Manual

Download the Product Review here
DLA-64 (Silver only)


New Engine: DLA-128 4-cylinder engine

DLA-128 4-cylinder

Add the DLA-128 to your cart, using the "Add to cart" button above!

New Engine: DLA-64i2 In-Line Twin - cylinder engine

DLA-64i2 In-Line Twin

~ $645.75 ~

New Engine: DLA-116i2 In-Line Twin - cylinder engine

DLA-116i2 In-Line Twin    DLA-116i2 Side View

This unit is one beautiful piece of machinery!!

Christmas Sale!!

~ $815.75 ~

JC Engines
The JC Engine is an engine with a lot of power for its size!

JC Engines